Personal transformation management

Engaging, mobile-friendly blended learning experience

Would you like to increase accountability and employee engagement?

Would faster implementation of your business strategy impact your success?

What would your organisation be capable of if every employee would be able to reach their full potential?

  • Validated partners

    • Validated external coachess
    • Automated vendor contracting
    • Build service catalogue
    • Involve internal coaches
  • Transparency

    • Ongoing processes
    • Targets set
    • Progress
    • Value rating & feedback
  • Always accessible

    • Login from intra
    • Purchase & book anytime 24/7
    • Visible goals & actions agreed
    • Assignments & materials
  • Visual analytics (coming soon)

    • Visual statistics
    • Value ratings
    • Vendor evaluations
    • ROI
Validated partners
validated partners
Always accessible
Visual analytics

Coaching WRX is being used in 80 countries around the world


We are fully GDPR compliant

  •   Increased security measures
  •   Only authorised use of data
  •   Full transparency on what personal data is collected, why and how it is used
  •   User has access and power over all personal data
  •   User can delete account any time and be forgotten

Most relevant professional coaching certification bodies recognised by Coaching WRX