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What is Coaching WRX?

What can Coaching WRX be used for?

Coaching WRX can only be used for selling, buying and delivering coaching/training services.

What does WRX mean?

We believe strongly in the power of coaching and see the impact in all aspects of the clients. Coaching WRX is read Coaching works, since coaching really does work.

How is my data secured?

What is your approach to data protection?

We value your trust and care deeply about your privacy and take all reasonable steps to protect your information from misuse and keep it secure. Coaching WRX is designed for professional ethical coaches serving corporate leaders and the data security is extremely important. We comply with all applicable data protection laws and regulations. We continuously develop our service and charge for our service. That is our business logic, not making you (or your data) the product. We do not sell, give or even think about giving your data and information further. Any pictures, personal information, session notes etc. you put to Coaching WRX, is owned by you.

Where is the data stored and how is the confidentiality protected?

Our servers are hosted by one of the largest hosting companies in Europe and are located in Helsinki datacenter in Finland in full compliance with the strict European data protection regulations (GDPR). Our servers and data are protected with latest hardware appliances, software firewalls, automated security tools and sophisticated perimeter security technologies, providing us with first-rate protection against large-scale attacks. Servers are powered by new Intel Skylake Xeon CPUs together with speedy NVMe SSDs and redundant 10 Gbit network connection. Certified in accordance with DIN ISO/IEC 27001. The data center has a modern early warning fire system with direct connection to the local fire department, special door locking systems, video-monitored high-security perimeter fencing around the entire data center park, electronic access control, ultra-modern surveillance cameras for 24/7 monitoring of access routes, entrances, security door interlocking systems and server rooms.

We use Cronofy to safely integrate your calendar to Coaching WRX. Cronofy uses Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL as the database technology for integrator and end-user data. Data stored at rest in the underlying storage is encrypted, as are its automated backups, read replicas, and snapshots with the server located in Germany. All transfer of information between Coaching WRX and the Cronofy API requires SSL to encrypt data in transit. Communication between the Cronofy calendar sync platform and the Coaches calendar service is protected by SSL encryption, subject to support by the calendar service.

What is your liability if your site is hacked and my confidential data is stolen?

Our servers and data are protected by one of the largest hosting companies in Europe with first-rate protection and we are liable for doing everything commercially reasonable to protect your data. Beyond that we assume no liability or warranty. If this is not enough for you, you should not agree to our terms nor use the service.

How will I know that my intellectual property will not be copied by you or other users?

What you make public, is visible to anyone. Just like on your webpage. Anyone can read the info you publish. Every user has signed our user terms and committed to ethical behaviour and respecting the intellectual property rights (IPR’s) of other users. You can also use the private service option, when you do not want to publish publicly.

Who can see the content I input to Coaching WRX?

Coaching WRX does not share your content with anyone and provides the best protection of your data through comprehensive security concepts. Your session notes are visible only to you.
- As a Client - once you have bought a service, the coach you buy services from, sees your profile data as well as the feedback and reference you give them. If the coach works in a larger coaching company, also the admin of the brand you log into can also see the above information.
- As a Coach - you understand that Coaching WRX is a public service and your profile and service data you make public is visible for others.

What is the price of using Coaching WRX?

Is there a time limit for the free version?

NO. For the BASIC plan registration is completely FREE, no strings attached. You can create your coach profile, your own login page and offer online booking for stand alone sessions. You can easily add a BOOK button on your website, or share a direct link to book a session, on your social media post or email signature.

We believe you will love our service and will later want to upgrade to use all of our powerful features to grow your coaching business. With the paid plans you can have unlimited amount of clients, sell coaching processes, brand your own look & feel, price your services, integrate your virtual tools, create self-surveys, peer assessments and quizzes, chat with the client between session, offer e-learning service to create passive revenue or manage a mentoring program and a lot more. With premium plan you get access to extensive library of micro-learnings, surveys and assessments to increase the impact of the coaching process between session. If you do not need these features, you are welcomed to use the FREE BASIC plan as long as you like.

Can I upgrade or downgrade between Basic, Professional and Premium?

Yes. You can upgrade and downgrade your plan at any time.

What is the price of using Coaching WRX?

- For clients: Coaching WRX is always free.

- For coaches: We offer a free basic plan with limited features and a professional and premium plan. You can always see the prices and features here:https://coachingwrx.com/en/price-plans

  • VAT is added to the prices based on your tax number. If your company is located in
  • Finland, VAT is 24%
  • Other EU country, VAT is 0% (Reverse charge, VAT Directive art 44. Remember to inform you accountant about this.)
  • Outside of EU, VAT is 0%
  • If you are not providing your tax number, VAT is 24%

You are asking for my credit card. How can I know you are trustworthy?

Leadership is creating results in a way that nourishes trust. Having passion to build a strongly value driven, ethically lead business does not mean we don’t care about money, we just care more about how the money is made. Ethics is in the core of who we are and was the most important reason to build Coaching WRX, since our founder Nonna Babitzin could not find a service on the market that really did what she needed, in a ethical and safe way. We use Stripe to safely process your credit card information, which is trusted by many companies offering an online shop option like Amazon, Microsoft and SalesForce.

We are a team of coaches who want Premium features, should everyone sign up individually?

If you are a team, only one of you should sign up for premium and create the brand for the team and then invite the others. The person creating the brand will become the admin and pay for the entire team.

What is your cancelation policy?

You can cancel at any time. No more charges are made after you have canceled.

Please note, if you have chosen a paid plan, it can be a monthly plan or a annual plan. Monthly plan is invoiced monthly in advance and annual for the whole year in advance. You always save with the annual plan.
We do not return your payment of the rest of the period, if you cancel before the end of your paid period, however you can use the unused period later. Why? We like to keep it simple, effective and as title bureaucracy as possible. It keeps the costs also low. We have explained this in the user terms as well, because it is important that you know this in advance and feel ok with it before clicking the ”I agree”.

How does Coaching WRX work with my calendar?

Does Coaching WRX read my calendar and see my private and perhaps confidential information?

No, Coaching WRX only reads the busy/free information to enable your clients to book online and avoid double bookings.

We use Cronofy to integrate your calendar data securely. We request the right to list the calendars for you, create a event in your calendar, read the created events, delete the created event and send reminders, in order to enable clients to book, cancel and be reminded of sessions. Cronofy reads your calendar only to provide the integration service, they do not have the right to use the data for anything else and have a strict GDPR compliant data protection policy in place.

How can I specify what times clients can book?

In your Coaching WRX calendar settings you have two optional calendar logics. Either you set default working hours or set ready session slots. You can also specify when you work only virtually and when also face to face, and Coaching WRX only allows that type of session to be booked.
Coaching WRX only allows clients to book within the set working hours or session slots you have specified, if you are free.
A) Default working hours option: You can specify what default hours you want to allow your clients to book sessions. Default working hours can be for example

  • Mondays at 1 PM – 4 PM
  • Tuesdays at 8 AM – 4 PM
  • Wednesdays at 8 AM – 6 PM
  • Thursday-Sunday not working

You can also add specific extra working hours for example Dec 24 2020 at 12 pm – 3 pm.
When using the default working hours option, you can add session break or travel time to each session when you create the service, to make sure you get the needed breaks/travel time automatically in your calendar.
B) Ready session slots option: You can specify session slots to your calendar you allow your clients to book. Ready session slots can be for example
  • 1.12.2019 at 1 PM – 2 PM, and 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
  • 2.12.2019 at 10 AM – 11:30 AM, and 2:30 PM - 4 PM
  • 5.12.2019 at 8 AM – 11 AM

Coaching WRX reads your free and busy times directly from your calendar, so no double bookings can occur.

If I would like to just mark specific time slots I am available and not have Coaching WRX show my calendar busy/free information to clients, is that possible?

Yes, you can choose the calendar logic with ready session slots. Coaching WRX will still check your calendar busy/free info to prevent double bookings and will still calculate the travel distance needed for face to face sessions.

Can the client book a face to face session other side of the country?

For each of your session element, you can set a max distance for face to face sessions. When a client books a face to face meeting, Coaching WRX will check the travel distance will not be more than the distance you have specified. If the travel distance between your office and the place client wants to meet at, is longer than what you have specified ok for you, the client is advised to either convert the session to a virtual session or contact you to agree where to meet.

Can clients book sessions back to back all day long?

It is important you reserve time to have breaks and especially lunch during the day You can specify a break/travel time before or/and after a session on each of your session elements and Coaching WRX will automatically add that break/travel time to your calendar when client books a session. You can also block out any times in your calendar simply by making a calendar event directly to your calendar. This will show as busy and clients are not able to book that time slot.

If I let anyone book I might get too many clients:

No worries, you can specify how many individual client slots you have. For example you specify you only take 5 individual client processes at the same time, so Coaching WRX will let the 6th client know you are currently fully booked and ask the client if they want to be notified when a client slot is available. If they do, you will receive a email about this client wanting to be notified.

I worry I don't notice client has made a booking:

Don’t worry. You can specify the minimum notice time you need about a new session booking, which will determine if the client can book a session starting in one hour from now or perhaps 24h from now. Coaching WRX will automatically add the session to your calendar and also cc you on the booking confirmation sent to client. You can also specify the maximum advance booking and allow the client to only book for example 6 months ahead.

I also sell trainings, and am concerned clients will make 1h booking for everyday and then I have no full days available:

No worries. We've got this covered as well. As the most sophisticated setting in Coaching WRX calendar, you can pre-book days for full day trainings by setting for example Mondays twice a month to be pre-booked, so individual session booking cannot be made for these days. This feature is created to assure you have full days available for clients. You can specify when this pre-booking will be freed, for example if 30 days before the date, the pre-booking is deleted, and the day is available for individual session bookings.

What if I make my own calendar booking, how does that effect?

If you make calendar booking yourself (like “Doctors appointment”), we recommend creating a routine of adding needed travel time around it as well. This will assure that your clients won’t book a session starting right after your other appointment and you’ll have enough time to get back to the office and grab a cup of coffee before your next coaching session.

I work in several cities and would like to control my calendar and book the sessions in one city for the same day?

You are able to do the bookings for your client, if that is what you agree with the client or you can let the client know the dates you are in the city (you can add them to element info in this clients process) to guide them to book for those days.

Why is there a annoying long virtual link at the end of the calendar invitation?

Since Google has released a new feature that forced hangout link to all new calendar invitations. You can change this setting in your google account.
If you are using paid google account (gSuite):
Go to your gmail and select System admin -> apps -> gSuite -> calendar -> Sharing ->
uncheck “Automatically add video calls to events created by a user” and SAVE.

The same procedure for free google calendar: Event Settings -> Uncheck the box ”Automatically add video calls to events that I create” and click update.

This will assure your clients get a good looking invitation from Coaching WRX to join your next coaching session.

How do I build my services in Coaching WRX

Can I create customer specific services?

Yes, you have three options:
1) Create public service (publicly available for any client who logs in to your brand) or private service (visible only to client you share the direct link with)
2) Create a client portfolio (Premium plan) and link a service to that portfolio. Then the service is visible to only the clients who have the set email domains. This is great with managing frame agreement clients, you can set only the services agreed with the prices negotiated, to be visible in the portfolio. These clients can sign in from a different login page and only see the portfolio content. AND you can brand it with the clients brand. If the client creates a Tribe account, they can add your client portfolio to their account.
Once the client buys the service, the service becomes a unique copy and you can add content specifically for this client.

Can I save session notes?

Yes, both coach and client can add private session notes, that are not visible to anyone. Coach can write the agreed targets that are visible for both coach and client. And client can add actions agreed with deadlines, also visible for both. Each note has a clear explanation on the visibility. You can also have a chat like communications in between sessions.