Coaching made simple

We support the most relevant professional coaching/mentoring associations:

If you are a ICF or EMCC chapter wanting to offer great quality support for your members growth, you can apply for a Coaching WRX chapter account.

Would you like to make organising, managing and delivering member events easier?

Would your members appreciate automated Continuous Professional Development hours (CCE/CPD) certificates that are safely stored and always accessible?

Would you like to offer a beautiful member catalogue for potential clients?

Would you like to easily organise pro bono projects or events?

Ready to get started?

Features included:

  •   Visual member gallery
  •   Visual membership path with all chapter member events (virtual and face to face events)
  •   Easy registration to member events
  •   Automated calendar invites to member events
  •   Automated reminders to member events
  •   Easy and GDPR compliant way to collect personal data
  •   Real time follow up on who will attend
  •   Ability to follow up the activeness of each members
  •   Ability to easily collect feedback of our member events
  •   Easy sharing of slides and other materials related to member events
  •   Easy sharing of recording of a member event
  •   Ability to create pro-bono coaching or mentoring offering to clients by members
  •   Members can keep digital learning diary
  •   Automated CCE certificates that can be easily included in credential application
  •   Ability to offer pro-bono peer-coaching or mentoring by our members
  •   Ability to create member events
  •   Ability to create event also clients can register in
  •   Ability to create group mentoring programs
  •   Ability to create group supervision programs
  •   Ability to receive payments for events
  •   Automated log of all events ready to be sent to ICF/EMCC global with annual report

No more:

  •   Manual registrations and excels
  •   Handling cancellations of participation to member events
  •   Answering ”did I already register for the event”
  •   Creating virtual meetings and sending the links
  •   Publishing recordings on webpage
  •   Tech skills to keep everything updated
  •   Manually creating the CCE certificates
  •   Sending or re-sending CCE certificates
  •   Missing the ICW due to lack of coordination, now you can launch a pro-bono project in minutes
  •   Manually updating member contact details
  •   The most frequently needed webpage maintenance work is no longer needed
  •   Paying for a external vendor to do the event pages, handle registrations and payments

Ready to get started?

Set up cost 500€

Monthly subscription: 69€/month, invoiced annually


  •   Associate admin user rights, that can be used by the whole board
  •   Unlimited amount of member services and events
  •   Unlimited amount of pro-bono projects
  •   Unlimited amount of members
  •   Unlimited amount of clients in events and pro-bono projects

NOTE: Association plan is not to be used for any other purpose than the normal activities of the association. For example selling coaching services is not a association activity. Members are welcomed to add their own website or Coaching WRX brand link to their profiles to help clients purchase their coaching services with their own brand. If in doubt, please contact

We are fully GDPR compliant

  •   Increased security measures
  •   Only authorised use of data
  •   Full transparency on what personal data is collected, why and how it is used
  •   User has access and power over all personal data
  •   User can delete account any time and be forgotten