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Sirkku Ruutu
Sirkku Ruutu


MCC Coach, selected as the coach of the year 2016 (ICF Finland). I have master´s degrees in psychology and education. I am also an author, trained supervisor and an university lecturer.

My coaching framework is solution focused and it derives from positive psychology research. I am passionate about powerful and energizing work life with a realistic twist of optimism.

I have been coaching executives since 1999. Authentic presence and deep partnership create the best results in coaching. Mutual trust and accountability are utmost important to me. I aim at making difference by co-creating a sustainable present and future together with the client. Positive transformation comes from courage, authenticity and values based decisions. Let´s be successful together!

I offer coach training (ACTP, ACSTH), team coaching, group coaching, mentor coaching, personal coaching, leadership coaching, executive coaching, business coaching and coaching supervision.

Coaching tiedot

ICF sertifiointi
MCC (Voimassaolo 31.12.2021)
Coaching kielet
English, Finnish


Koko nimi
Sirkku Ruutu
Nykyinen asema
MCC Executive Coach
Europe/Finland/Helsinki (UTC/GMT +03:00 hours)


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