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Eveliina Salonen

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Eveliina Salonen


Excited to witness customers' insights. Feeling priviledged to help people and teams to see new possibilities and solutions. Transformation, holistic approach and humanity combined with strategic view and practical results form key elements of my coaching. I coach individuals, teams and groups - live and virtually.

I have more than 20 years experience in leadership and organisational development in private and public sector in Finland and abroad. By education I am lawyer and theologian.

Read more about my thoughts in leadership and organisational development in my books:
- Johda energiaa: Kohti uusiutuvaa organisaatiota (2020)
- Intuitio ja tunteet johtamisen ytimessä (2017).

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PCC (Voimassaolo 30.06.2024)
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Executive Coach
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