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Sari Vuohtoniemi

Sari Vuohtoniemi

True Potential / Finland

Sari Vuohtoniemi

About me

My passion is coaching people and teams to release their true potential. I am Master Certified Coach (ICF) with 20 years of experience of leadership development and more than 2.500 hours of coaching leaders and leadership teams in business and public sectors as well as own experience in leadership, CEO and management team and expert positions in international companies, start-ups and M&A’s, and and also as an entrepreneur. My educational background include eg. Social Psychologist (M.Soc.Sci.), BBA, Executive Work Counsellor, Enneagram Teacher (ETNT), NLP Master Practitioner, Mind-Body Bridging Coach. Based on my long experience, good self-awareness and understanding of human being is a key starting point for sustainable transformation as a leader. It means becoming aware of our habitual and often very automatic patterns of thinking, feeling and acting as well as core motivation and beliefs driving them. Looking forward to your contact!



Coaching information

ICF Credential
MCC (Expiring 31.07.2023)
Coaching languages
English, Finnish

Basic information

Current position
Executive & Leadership Coach (PCC)
Helsinki, Finland
Europe/Finland/Helsinki (UTC/GMT +03:00 hours)


Sofiankatu 4C, Sofia Future Farm


Burnout Toolkit Inventory + 1h session to unpack results

Coach: Sari Vuohtoniemi Language: English, Finnish
Maslach Burnout ToolkitTM includes Maslach Burnout InventoryTM (MBI) + Areas of Worklife (AWS) tests to assess both risks at the individual and organisational levels. This service include both the test and a 1 hour session to unpack the results. The test is available in English and Finnish.
300 € + 22% VAT

BrainID- including the audit and 1,5 h unpacking session

Coach: Sari Vuohtoniemi Language: English, Finnish
This service includes qEEG-based Brain-Mind Audit and 1,5 h session to unpack it and discuss the plan going forward. After purchasing the service you will get email to agree the session to the 12 min measuring (reserve 45 min) and also for 1,5 h session to unpack your results.
550 € + 22% VAT

1 hour virtual coaching session for leaders & executives

Coach: Sari Vuohtoniemi Language: English, Finnish
In this virtual coaching-session, we will focus on the topic that you want. It could be clarifying your direction and focus as a leader, dealing with ambiguity and stress, strengthening your leadership, ability to lead others and develop as a team in the midst of change. This price is only for the first session. If you are not satisfied with coaching, you will get you money back.
400 € + 22% VAT

WorkPlace Big Five™ personality test and session 1 h

Coach: Sari Vuohtoniemi Language: English, Finnish
This session includes WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ and a 1,5 h session to unpack it. The tool is based on modern personality research, is an efficient personality and team profiling tool Big Five: five areas of personality The Big Five model of personality is a modern, extensively studied and reliable personality model. It has been widely accepted as the “standard” of personality research, and it is also often used as the basis when evaluating the validity of other personality assessment tools. That is why the Big Five Model is sometimes called “the mother of all personality assessment tools”. Whereas the enneagram is a personality typology, the Big Five is based on trait theories.

The Big Five model divides personality in five areas (Supertraits). Based on these traits,we can describe a person’s behavior. The WorkPlace Big Five Supertraits are: •Need for stability (N) • Extraversion (E) • Originality (O) • Accommodation (A)• Consolidation (C) In addition, WorkPlace Big Five looks at personality through 23 subtraits.
350 € + 22% VAT

iEQ 9 standard test (enneagram) and 1 h unpacking session

Coach: Sari Vuohtoniemi Language: English, Finnish
The session focuses on unpacking the iEQ9 test
350 € + 22% VAT

Emotional Intelligence Test EQ-i 2.0 and 1,5 h session

Coach: Sari Vuohtoniemi Language: English, Finnish
This service includes Emotional Intelligence Test EQ-i 2.0 and 1,5 session to unpack it.

The overall result of well-developed emotional intelligence is healthy and emotional social functioning, which is linked to your well-being and happiness. There are several facets that work together to produce an effective level of emotional and social functioning and well-being.

The EQ-i 2.0 Model starts with self-perception. Understanding yourself allows to better express yourself. This leads to healthier interactions with others, which then leads to making good decisions. Making good decisions allows you to manage stress better, which leads to understanding your emotions better and so on. It is important to consider that the EQ-i 2.0. model of emotional intelligence is dynamic and each facets relies and influences the others, each facet works together to create healthy emotional intelligence- none is more important than the other, and the model is circula in nature, there is no start or end point. Collectively, the EQ-i 2.0 model of emotional intelligence produces an overall snapshot of one's emotional intelligence.
550 € + 22% VAT

Introduction and needs assessment meeting

Coach: Sari Vuohtoniemi Language: English, Finnish
In this online meeting you will have a possiblityto talk about your and/or your organisation's development needs and evaluate potential collaboration with True Potential and Sari Vuohtoniemi.

Webinar on ISystem Master Coach training

Head coach: Sari Vuohtoniemi Target group: Coaches, supervisor, mentor coaches Language: English, Finnish Last enrolment date: 18.01.2021
Welcome to our webinar to learn about an evidence-based coaching approach and methodology. It allows you to support yourself and your clients to deal with stress and develop resilience by removing obstacles from innate natural functioning of your mind.
In this webinar you will learn, how I-System/Mind-Body Bridging skills are entwined with ICF coaching competencies in order to enable the coach and the client to be fully present and resilient in the coaching process. I-System approach is neuroscience based, verified by research. It’s about subtracting: removing obstacles from your natural functioning and resilience, thus allowing availability of all your resources.
The I-System Master Coach training will start in April 7th 2021.

You will meet our trainers Sari Vuohtoniemi ICF MCC from True Potential Oy and Keijo Halinen ICF PCC from Florire Oy.

Warmly welcome to hear more about the program!